mac miller and scHoolboy Q are best friends.


forever life been never nice we expedite the process

and every night i get advice cuz life is way too complex
heaven’s lights are hella bright, ironic how that came to be
but can’t you see this angel speak she’s sayin a place is saved for me
i told her wait for me the make believer normally disguised
transformed before your eyes to glorify euphoric highs
the morning rises and i’m fast asleep somewhere off in the master suite
havin dreams of latin queens and nasty freaks
my mind it wanders to places yonder and even farther
when i’m sleep walking i’m steven jobs or i’m peter parker
a genius author or jesus preaching just to feed his daughters
the weed to spark up yeah he’s a goner fuck these prima donnas
i always wonder what happened three thousand years ago
i like toy with the idea that we really know
is what i do important in the grand scheme of things?
in my head these dreams are dreamt trust me we are kings
as we hypothesize on how to monetize and take advantage of
all the time we fall behind get lost in this aquarium
america the standard of vanity when the camera’s up
we become celebrities, distract from the hysteria
confessions that i have a curiosity bout life and death
most of us will never understand it we just like the quest
read about the meanings of dreaming and all it’s messages
sedatives that take me to God witness his fetishes
we all in search for substance
the drugs for pain and numbness
circumstances advancing the second chance for this beloved
wish i could tell you that i didn’t see this coming
but i’m ready for it all to end, die before tomorrow’s trend
your life it all depends on dollars spent and knowledge gained
thought that’s on the brain, lost inside forgotten days
life it works in such mysterious ways
all these years that i pray
hope you hear what i say…